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Starbucks, Clean Laundry, and Dunya Al Asfour Beauty Arrive at KAEC

06 Sep, 2018

First quarter 2018 will see a new influx of food and services retailers opening in multiple districts across King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). KAEC Retail released its most recent update of new and existing retail developments at Bay La Sun Marina, Beach Walk, Marina Promenade, Bay Views Business Park, and Murooj Mall. New retail tenants consist of both national and international companies, including companies that have previously done business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and newcomers.

The beautiful Bay La Sun coastal community is a unique mix of the live, work, and play culture punctuated by a gorgeous waterfront setting. The area already has residential towers, the Bay Views Business Park, Marina Canal Promenade, the Bay La Sun Hotel and Marina, Juman Park and Amphitheatre, and the Beach Walk. Increasing the number and variety of retail tenants in this vibrant, new community adds value not just to the Bay La Sun District, but to KAEC as a desired tourist destination and profitable investment strategy.

The list of restaurants and cafes along the Beach Walk currently include Modo Restaurant, Baskin-Robbins, Bert’s Cafe Contemporain, Bhar Restaurant, and Fire Grill.

Beach Walk has plans to add Panino’s, a casual dining space that offers patrons a wide range of menu items including sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and Shisha. Beach Walk will also add its first Indian cuisine. Indian Garden will offer both traditional and modern Indian dishes.

Marina Promenade will add one restaurant to its current fast food lineup of Pizza Hut, Meed, Burger King, and Subway. The Crew Lounge is a food fusion restaurant with Shisha and live entertainment.

Murooj Mall will add the most retailers with five new establishments. Al Awwal Bank will be the first bank in KAEC. Mujtama Pharmacy allows customers online ordering and delivery of off-the-shelf medicines. Dunya Al Asfour will offer elegant salon and spa services for women. Clean Laundry will provide express laundry services and carpet cleaning. Sama Bites will offer baked treats, including traditional Manaqeesh.

Business Park will add a Starbucks Coffee that will have amazing bay views. Casper and Gambini’s restaurant and catering specializes in a variety of international foods.

KAEC is now the fastest-growing startup city in the world, due in large part to the city’s focus on building a vibrant industrial hub. The city’s live-work culture has propelled the development of industrial, commercial, and residential communities simultaneously, in an ambitious push toward fulfilling the mission of Saudi Vision 2030.

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