King Abdullah Economic city
Special Economic Zone

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The Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
The Special Economic Zone at King Abdullah Economic City is a prime example of a V2030 business initiative, designed to accelerate socio-economic growth, advancing both the local and national economy in conjunction. SEZs are defined as dedicated zones where the rules of business are different from those that prevail in the surrounding mainland. These distinct rules principally deal with investment conditions, international trade and customs, taxation, and the regulatory environment; whereby the zone is granted a business environment intended to be more liberal from a policy perspective and more effective from an administrative perspective.

King Abdullah Economic City
Special Economic Zone


Economic Multipliers Until 2040

  • SR 43 Billion GDP

  • 56,000 Jobs

  • SR26 Billion

  • SR168 Billion
    Export Value

At The Epicentre Of Global Trade Routes

  • A strategically advantageous location for logistics and light industrial. At the epicentre of global trade routes with ease of access to the MENA region and world markets.

  • KAECSEZ creates an enviable climate for investment offering a wide range of globally competitive economic incentives, regulated solely by the Economic Cities & Special Zones Authority.

  • KAECSEZ is built with state-of-the art infrastructure , covering sixty kilometers in land area, the site incorporates King Abdullah Port.

  • All conveniently integrated within King Abdullah Economic City; a vibrant, modern community.

KAEC Special Economic Zone
At The Epicenter Of Global Trade Routes

  • A strategically advantageous location for both logistics and light industrial operations. Situated on the focal point of global trade routes, KAEC Special Economic Zone allows ease of access to the MENA region and world markets.

  • KAEC Special Economic Zone will create a rewarding climate for investment by offering a wide range of globally competitive economic incentives, regulated solely by the Economic Cities & Special Zones Authority.

  • KAEC Special Economic Zone will have a state-of-the art infrastructure that covers sixty kilometers in land area and includes key facilities King Abdullah Port and KAEC’s Industrial Valley

  • All commercial and social amenities are conveniently integrated within King Abdullah Economic City; a vibrant, modern community.

Why KAEC Special Economic Zone?

King Abdullah Economic City’s Special Economic Zone offer a unique opportunity for investment and enterprise that seamlessly connect the largest market in the Gulf to the rest of the world. Retaining a variety of globally competitive economic incentives, the regulated area is governed by a single overseeing body within a prospering G20 economy and is actively supported by an ecosystem that enables growth. In order to provide a great operational landscape, the Special Economic Zones within KAEC prioritize functional efficiency and profitability for your business.

Trade Anchor on the Red Sea

An unparalleled Gateway to the Middle East, Africa & The World

  • An advantageous geostrategic location on the Red Sea that connects three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa as well as a key global waterway, makes KAEC SEZ a pivotal nucleus of global trade.

  • Uniquely positioned along the East-West belt & road maritime route, a strategically designed range of sectors allow KAEC SEZ to work as an active gateway to African markets.

  • KAEC’s ability to greenfield masterplan within the area allows for better planning of the Special Economic Zone and the ability to continuously scale up operations.

  • Strong KAEC Industrial Valley activity across pharma, packaging, and FMCG underpin the Special Economic Zone’s focus on logistical excellence

  • Access to 62% of the world population via the bri

  • 15% of the wolrd trade passes through the red sea annually

  • Global GDP within BRI nation

Shipping On a Global Scale

A World Classs Port at The Centre of The Red Sea Corridor

King Abdullah Port is one of the regions largest facilities situated within the preferentially located city of KAEC. A full service commercial port that delivers world-class service, the port was named the 2nd Most Efficient Port Globally according to a 2022 World Bank report. By implementing the latest intelligent and secure technology systems and sustainable business practices, the port’s awarded operations continue to grow supported by its highly experienced staff and leadership.

  • Berth depths up to 18m
  • Bulk & General Cargo
  • Container capacity of 25m TEUs
  • Smart Gate System
  • Petrochemical hub of 100,000 sqm
  • Roll On/Roll Off (RORO) terminal
  • Port community system

Multi-Modal Connectivity

Ready Acces By Air, Sea Road & Rail

From its convenient locale along the coast of the Red Sea, KAEC SEZ is strategically positioned to make transportation easier than ever.

Within a city location that highlights versatile transport infrastructure at the forefront of its masterplan, KAEC SEZ provides ready access to the Kingdom and the Gulf via road, rail, air and sea – acting as a dynamic facilitator of regional and international trade.

The Rea Sea’s shipping routes are linked to a global network that allows access to KAEC SEZ’s well-developed port, air, and rail infrastructure. These facilities enable local and regional connectivity and create a vibrant logistics and light industrial pitstop on the Red Sea.

  • 90 Km from Jeddah International Airport
  • High-Speed rail travel times
  • Linked to a global network of ports
  • Saudi land bridge east-west freight line
  • Direct access to the National Highway Network

Ready Infrastructure

A System of Utilities to Facilitate Your Successs

KAEC SEZ is nestled within an economic city, allowing operators to leverage upon existing investments and capitalize on the existing infrastructure available in the city.

KAEC SEZ provides necessary access to state-of-the-art sewage system, supply to medium voltage electricity and portable water for all tenants, all aimed at assisting in the flow of day-to-day operations.

Natural dry gas can be provided directly from the established Gas Zone and a wide range of telecoms services are available via our cutting-edge fiber network.

  • Gas
  • Sewage
  • Power
  • Water
  • Telecoms

Unique Commercial Incentives

Foundations For Successs

  • Corporate Tax

    5% Corporate income tax for up to 20 years

  • Custom Duties

    0% customs duties deferral for goods inside the SEZ

  • Withholding Tax

    0% withholding tax permanently for repatriation of profits from SEZ into foreign countries

  • VAT

    0% VAT for all intra-SEZ goods exchanged within the zone and between zones

  • Human Capital

    Flexible and supportive regulations around foreign talent during the first 15 years

  • Expat Financial Exemptions

    Expat levy ensuring fees exemption for employees and their families in the zone

Product Offering

With a selection of curated product and service offerings available, KAEC Special Economic Zone is poised to deliver outstanding results that relevant to your specific business needs. By fostering an environment conducive to effective business, we seek to welcome investment and provide collaborative, lucrative environment.

  • Lands
    (including industrial)
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Retail
  • Work Stations
  • Build-to-Suit
  • Residential, tourism,
    recreational buildings

SEZ Sectors

  • Healthcare
    (Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Pharma Medical Supplies)
  • Automotive
    (Electric Cars Manufacturing)
  • FMCG
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

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