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Building the future

Come and experience a new way to live, work, and play. We are creating a next generation city for a new generation.

Master Map KAEC

Our Masterplan

Video Tour - KAEC, IV, KAP

our city

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Your Family: Your Life

You want a modern, healthy lifestyle. A safe, family environment, with expansive greenery and open views. Offering connected communities and with access to the pristine waters of the Red Sea, KAEC gives you a new way to live your life.

Royal Greens Golf and Country Club

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Outstanding Education

"There is a satisfaction in being part of something you believe in, something that you can see grow and develop in real time

Growing business with ease

The award-winning Industrial Valley is the fastest growing manufacturing and logistics hub in the region, connected by world-class infrastructure to the Red Sea region and the world. A place where your company can enjoy high-quality, customized facilities, and expand to meet your business aspirations.

Grow Your Business in KAEC, VOLVO factory in IV


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Commercial Opportunities

Commercial Opportunities

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Investment Environment under Economic City Authority (ECA) in KAEC
Investor KAEC

Investor Relations

“Tourism is receiving increasing support from the Saudi Government”...

Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh

Taking careers to new heights

We are building a business community focused on entrepreneurship, collaboration, and success. We have attracted residents from all over the world, fuelling an atmosphere of creativity, dialogue, and growth. And we are supporting the growth of local and international companies.

Corporate Program

Corporate Relocation program

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Sanofi Pharmaceutical in Industrial Valley (IV)
National Workforce. Saudi Employees

A National Workforce

“Sanofi is committed to ensure appropriate training for Saudis specialized in the production of international standard medicine”...


Your best weekend getaway

A unique place to relax with your family and friends. An award-winning five-star hotel providing an exceptional level comfort and security, leaving you free to create special moments with the people closest to you.

Award Winning Hotel

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Misk show at Juman Park amphitheater in KAEC

Destination 2020

“There is only one description that is apt for King Abdullah Economic City- an economic, industrial, tourism super hub”...

Saudi Voyager

Our News

A Wealth of Opportunities

King Abdullah Port KAP

Leading Shipping


And Logistics Hub

BAYVIEWS business park. ECA, EEC offices

World Class
Commercial Space

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