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Two Months After Completing Tomouh Job Readiness Program, All 1,000 KAEC Graduates Already Have Jobs

برنامج طموح بمدينة الملك عبدالله الاقتصادية
10 Sep, 2018

The Tomouh Program was created in 2015 as a workforce development program to train 1,000 youths from Rabigh as well as neighboring communities.

“Tomouh,” which is the Arabic word for ambition, was designed to fortify the skills of high school students by strengthening their computer and English language skills. Doing so helps these students from Rabigh prepare to enter the workforce and vie for jobs in KAEC.

Tomouh was created as a partnership between King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) and King Abdulaziz University (KAAU), a key academic institution in Saudi Arabia. Rabigh is a neighboring town to KAEC, situated about 50 km north of the heart of KAEC.

The agreement, which went into effect in 2015, was signed by Mr. Fahd Hamidaddin, Chief Marketing Officer in KAEC, and Dr. AbdulRahman Al-Youbi, Acting President of KAAU.

The Tomouh program is another strong effort in KAEC’s mission to sharpen the skills of young Saudis and create a talent pool for the growing number of companies in KAEC that need talent.

By helping students acquire the skills needed to qualify for quality jobs and even start their own businesses, KAEC can help ensure a bright future for Saudi Arabia. Most of the students are preparing for jobs in KAEC, Saudi Arabia’s economic epicenter where areas like the Industrial Valley are bringing in investors from national and international companies.

Training and qualification programs like Tomouh are crucial to the Kingdom’s economic development. The program focuses on building a stronger, better workforce by training current high school students and by providing opportunities for the current workforce to upgrade their skill set. These initiatives are the key to the KSA diversifying its economy.

Just one year after the launch of the Tomouh program, and only a few weeks after the ceremonies for the first graduating class, KAEC hosted the first job fair for Tomouh participants. Nearly two dozen national and international companies operating in KAEC converged on the job fair to offer Tomouh graduates position in manufacturing, commerce, and services. Combined, there were 1,200 positions represented at the job fair. Every Tomouh graduate walked away with a job.

“We are happy to see such an exceptional turnout at the fair,” said Mr. Fahd Hamidaddin. “This event not only provides support to the beneficiaries of the Tomouh program, but it also helps companies in the region take advantage of the opportunity to hire skilled local talent. “

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