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KAEC is Poised for Long-Term Economic Growth with Opening of MBSC

19 Apr, 2018

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) will welcome its first business school focused on entrepreneurship.

The Prince Mohammad bin Salman College for Management and Entrepreneurship (MBSC) will provide globally-focused undergraduate and post-graduate programs which focus on cultivating small business growth and economic development in KAEC, the Kingdom’s economic epicenter.

The announcement, made in June 2016, is the result of a cooperative agreement between Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz (MISK) Foundation, and KAEC with Babson Global and Lockheed Martin.

The establishment of MSBC will be a concerted and deliberate push forward to fulfilling the mission of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan to reduce the country’s dependence on oil and diversify its economy.

To accomplish this ambitious goal by the 2030 deadline, the leadership of King Abdullah Economic City is diligently working to develop educational and cultural standards. These will serve as a pipeline to prepare young Saudis for the important mission of meeting the labor demands of the growing Saudi economy and add entrepreneurship as a core economic value of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for years to come.

The Prince Mohammad bin Salman College for Management and Entrepreneurship has been tailor-made to provide young men and women with an exceptional education. The school’s facilities were designed by HDR, Inc. to create an environment that lends itself to learning and mentorship. The college is also the home of the Babson Global Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The Center will serve as a kind of incubator program that guides and supports emerging projects and businesses. Additionally, Babson will sponsor the case studies and research that will ultimately shape KSA’s regulatory business climate.

MBSC’s campus is completely wireless with automated classrooms and presentation technology. At the center of the campus is the Amphitheatre, an open forum for thoughtful discourse at MBSC.

In addition to entrepreneurship courses, MBSC also offers a competitive MBA program, as well as a series of open enrollment Executive Education Programs. This program is built to help its students strengthen their body of knowledge in topics such as digital technology and media, sales psychology, business finance, startups, business growth, equity investing, and managing a family business.

MBSC is committed to supporting Vision 2030. The school assumes its part in the realization of the vision by growing a virtual army of educated Saudi professionals who will create and develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem within KAEC that will grow the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into the economic powerhouse of the Arab and Islamic worlds.

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