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In line with the Kingdom's ambitious vision 2030, King Abdullah Economic City is actively contributing to become a great enabler of socio-economic development by providing talented Saudi cadres with promising job opportunities in an advanced thriving working environment that promotes efficiency in shaping the Kingdom’s future.

Welcome to KAEC-Another World,

Ahmed Linjawy

Our Growth Values

Our Growth values express our company's DNA to meet our goals while helping our employees achieve their full potential.


We seek opportunities to cooperate across the organization and support others to succeed and achieve their goals. We seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships and seek win-win solutions with our colleagues and our partners.


We take the time to connect with customers to understand their needs. We seek to transform insights into actions, to work to the highest standards and execute best practices. We aim to deliver impactful results for our company and our customers.


We transform our vision for the future into clear objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. We identify and, where necessary, build the skills and capabilities we need to achieve our objectives. And we take ownership of our outcomes.


We bring new ideas and perspectives to present underlying opportunities. We benchmark best ides while recognizing the best ideas of others. We look beyond the obvious, use rigorous logic to solve difficult problems and don’t stop at the first answer.


We develop stretched yet achievable goals and ensure proper execution. We finish projects with 100% completion, delivering quality results and overcoming barriers with renewed effort. We are persistent in completing projects or tasks at hand.

We Attract The Best Talents

Ali Al-Ali - Associate Director, PMO

“Seeing my work coming to life every day to shape our new city KAEC, is by far the most rewarding, gratifying, and challenging work experience I have even had.”

Mohammed Bassrawi - Director, City Marketing

“I am proud of being a part of KAEC’S family – Another World
Since I joined KAEC, I have had various chances to build, lead, contribute, and create some exciting projects in the city around place making.
We are not working in a regular company; we work for a city that lives within ourselves.”

Raeda Nahari - Manager, Community

“As humans, through all of our different categories and specialties, we all need each other. Thus, we all share the same mission, which is to serve humanity. And once we do, we create an echo system, and an extraordinary community.”

James Stewart - Director, Facility Management

“Having joined EEC in early 2018 I have found it to be a diverse to work in terms of workforce and areas of exposure. EEC is a fantastic place to grow and expand yourself, it certainly is another world!”

Join The Team That Is Making History

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EEC Development Programs

SME program

The program is aimed towards qualifying senior EEC employees as subject matter experts to deliver in house trainings, workshops and coaching/awareness sessions.

High Potential Program

The program is aimed towards identifying, developing and retaining EEC high potential employees. The program includes cross departmental assignments, strategical projects, development plans, coaching and assessment tools to ensure full exposure and growth.

Internship Program

EEC internship provide students with one of a kind city learning experiences in KSA. The learning journey the interns go through consists of project based assignments, capability building workshops in addition to on the job training through shadowing their line managers.

Management Associate Program

The Management Associates Program (MAP) is a fast track management program which aim to attract top Saudi graduate. The program gives graduates exposure to different functions in the city “KAEC” through a combination of diverse assignments, rotations and personalized development plans.