The City Of Pioneers

Join the team that is making history

Join the team that is making history

"Saudi Arabia is a very dynamic market and KAEC reflects that dynamism. We are building a team of dedicated, experienced, passionate people to build not only a new city a but a new economy, independent of oil, for future generations. Join the team that is making history"

Fahd Alrasheed

Stretching the
boundaries of
the possible

Going beyond
your expectation

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Our Growth Values

Our Growth values express our company's DNA to meet our goals while helping our employees achieve their full potential.


We seek opportunities to cooperate across the organization and support others to succeed and achieve their goals. We seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships and seek win-win solutions with our colleagues and our partners.


We take the time to connect with customers to understand their needs. We seek to transform insights into actions, to work to the highest standards and execute best practices. We aim to deliver impactful results for our company and our customers.


We transform our vision for the future into clear objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. We identify and, where necessary, build the skills and capabilities we need to achieve our objectives. And we take ownership of our outcomes.


We bring new ideas and perspectives to present underlying opportunities. We benchmark best ides while recognizing the best ideas of others. We look beyond the obvious, use rigorous logic to solve difficult problems and don’t stop at the first answer.


We develop stretched yet achievable goals and ensure proper execution. We finish projects with 100% completion, delivering quality results and overcoming barriers with renewed effort. We are persistent in completing projects or tasks at hand.

We Attract The Best Talents

Abdulaziz Bakhit (Assistant Manager, IT, Smart City & WPS)

“EEC empowers its employees and offers them practical work experience that develops their competences and leadership skills”

Lina Bugis (Assistant Manager, PMO)

“There is no limitation for growth in EEC, and I have always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills”

Hattan Banjabi (Senior Manager, ECA Relations)

“At EEC, there’s a new challenge & opportunity to grow everyday”

Esraa Al Sharief (Manager, Organization Development)

“EEC is a very dynamic organization and that’s what I love the most about it. It is an endless learning journey.”

Steps to success

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EEC Development Programs

SME program

The program is aimed towards qualifying senior EEC employees as subject matter experts to deliver in house trainings. Our assessments confirm that having our own leaders deliver specific technical and behavioral trainings result into higher “learning” impact. Our trainers have an in depth understanding of our organizational culture and business model. They manage to create stronger links between the content and the real life challenges we face at work. It is a prestigious program to be a part of as trainers.

High Potential Program

The program is aimed towards identifying, developing and retaining EEC high potential employees. The program helps high potential employees grow to assume senior positions and ensure business continuity. The program includes cross departmental assignments, development plans, coaching and assessment tools to ensure our high potential exposure and growth.

Learning Path / Academy:

EEC has a set of learning curriculum per level under EEC Learning Academy. The Learning Academy provides each targeted level in EEC with the critical learning needed for that level to drive better business results.

The Learning Path/Academy offers:

Basic Learning Academy for staff level employees.

Management Academy for middle management employees.

Strategic Learning Academy for senior management.

Internship Program

EEC internship enables students to use what they’ve learned and expand their knowledge, allowing them to benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience. Its a great way to explore the career choices that lie ahead of them. EEC internship program was identified by HRDF as one of the best in 2016.

Management Associates Program

The Management Associates Program (MAP) is about developing future leaders. It is designed to grow fresh graduates into capable functional managers, through a series of functional assignment, cross functional projects, and a mix of training programs focusing on EEC’s values and core competencies.