Creating Progressive Communities Towards a Sustainable City

Social Sustainability

KAEC is committed to becoming the place of choice to live and work. Promoting community and inclusivity is a strategic part of the city’s design, development, and operation.

  • Transport and Mobility Development

    KAEC prioritizes walking, cycling and public transport, which minimizes reliance on private vehicles.

  • Health and Well-Being

    Healthy lifestyles are key to KAEC’s success. The city provides opportunities for leisure and social activity that engage the community.

  • Inclusion Development

    KAEC offers equal opportunities for all types of people including social inclusion and access to people with mobility issues or other disabilities.

  • Education Development

    Schools, universities, and other institutions will meet the educational needs of KAEC’s residents.

Economic Sustainability

KAEC is committed to sustainable development for long-term economic gains as well as capital costs and land values. Creating jobs is at the forefront of the city’s growth and advancement.

KAEC’s master plan addresses economic objectives by acknowledging the social dimension of sustainability. Cost efficiencies and flexible delivery are the focus of the development, along with establishing viable and sustainable employment opportunities throughout the development lifecycle and beyond.

Employment and business development provides and enhances local employment opportunities and attracts regional, national and international businesses to the area.

Building local capacity in cooperation with the public, private and non-profit sectors, KAEC has started programs to help transform job seekers into skilled potential employees for corporations in KAEC and throughout the region, so that those employees continue to be relevant and effective.

Environmental Sustainability

We hold the environment in trust for our future generations. We are committed to promoting a better understanding of environmental issues among our stakeholders, partners and community. KAEC’s environment encapsulates both the local and the global impacts.

  • Energy / Carbon

    Minimize energy use and carbon emissions from the site.

  • Water

    Minimize the impact on wider water resources from water use on the site.

  • Waste and Materials

    Minimize the generation of waste and maximize re-use and recycling of materials during construction, operation and deconstruction.

  • Ecology and Biodiversity

    Enhance and protect the biodiversity and ecology of the site while integrating landscaping with storm water drainage.

  • Pollution Prevention

    Minimize impacts on water, air, noise and land from the development.