KAEC Launches “Select Real Estate Services” Department

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Tomouh Graduates Reap Benefits of Their Hard Work

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World Academy at KAEC Advances Design-Led Education

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Welcome to KAEC

A megacity of the future located on the Red Sea. The story of KAEC begins with the development of its 4 major components: King Abdullah Port, Industrial Valley, The Coastal Communities, and Hijaz Downtown.

  • King Abdullah Port

    24%of global trade strategically passing through the Red Sea

  • Industrial Valley

    120+global, regional, and local manufacturing and logistical companies

  • Coastal Communities

    7residential communities offering housing solutions for every need

  • Hijaz Downtown

    8.5 millionpeople connected eventually through high-speed rail

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KAEC's Major Components

King Abdullah Port

We're building the Port of the future on one
of the world's busiest shipping routes
on the coast of the Red Sea.

Visit King Abdullah Port

Governor of Makkah Region Tours King Abdullah Port

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King Abdullah Port: Full readiness to receive heavy

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King Abdullah Port Concluded 2015 with Impressive Achievements

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Industrial Valley

With direct access to the Port,
we're building a new progressive hub
for logistics and manufacturing.

Learn More About Industrial Valley

KAEC’s IV Holds 2nd Annual Meeting with Asharqia Chamber

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Golden Tuna to Build Its First Saudi Plant At KAEC

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Petra Engineering Industries Expands Its Factory at KAEC

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Coastal Communities

For the growing population we're building a collection
of beautiful and sustainably designed
family-friendly communities.

Learn more about living in KAEC

KAEC Launches “Select Real Estate Services” Department

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KAEC’s world-class facilities position city as top weekend

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KAEC To Showcase Handover-Ready Residential Units

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Hijaz Downtown

The construction of the city's entrance will be a

business, retail, and residential district built around

the Al Haramain high-speed rail station.

Explore Investment Opportunities

Middle East experiencing exceptional railway boom

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SR15 million Awarded for New Road from Station to City Center

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High-speed Rail Contract Awarded

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Progressive Sustainability

It's our responsibility to create KAEC in a sustainable manner. To achieve this we are guided by a progressive understanding of sustainability based on core principles.

Learn about the principles that guide us.

  • Social Sustainability

    KAEC is committed to becoming the place of choice to live and work. Promoting community and inclusivity is a strategic part of the city’s design, development and operation.

  • Economic Sustainability

    KAEC is committed to sustainable development for long-term economic gains as well as capital costs and land values. Creating jobs is at the forefront of the city’s growth and advancement.

    KAEC’s master plan addresses economic objectives by acknowledging the social dimension of sustainability. Cost efficiencies and flexible delivery are the focus of the development, along with establishing viable and sustainable employment opportunities throughout the development lifecycle and beyond.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    KAEC is committed to promoting a better understanding of environmental issues among our stakeholders, partners and community and hold the environment in trust for our future generations. KAEC’s environment commitment encapsulates both the local and the global impacts.

    Our considerations are beyond minimizing the impact on the environment. Improving the environment, enhancing open space, bio-diversity, and environmental amenity are our promise towards the city of choice to invest, work and live.